Should You Host Or Post Your Videos?

You have a website, and you have a video to share. The question is, should you host or post your video content?

The answer depends on your target viewers. Determining your target viewers can help answer the question should you host or post your videos.

Videos of yourself, family and friends are better off being hosted on your site. The traffic amount and intentions are not likely to be problematic in terms of available space and allotted bandwidth.

However, if you – like so many other people – have created a one to promote your business, then it is more sensible to use a video hosting site.

There are marketers that struggle with the choice of host or post. Considering the intent of a lot of views on the video, it is a good practice to post them. Marketers often make the decision to both host their video and post it as well.

If you decide to host, here are some tips that will help with SEO.

– Your video should be relevant, informative, and unique – Don’t create videos that are irrelevant or have little to do with your service, product, or brand. These will only confuse your audience.

– Keep your videos less than 5 minutes in length – Creating a long-form video (over 5 minutes) is one of the worst things you can do. Most users give about three minutes at most to watching these types of video. For longer videos, divide the content into some smaller videos.

– Sitemaps – Be sure relevant keywords are used when linking to the video.

– Include Meta Data – Make sure you are using the right keywords for your metadata.

– Keywords – A keyword rich description within the meta descriptions will improve your ranking in web searches.

No matter what forum you are using to market, you will find them to be effective toward your bottom-line. So, the question of should you host or post your video content is determined by the target audience.

Perry Lawrence has been in video production for over 20 years and has produced, shot, and/or edited videos for companies like Merck, Maxwell House, Nickelodeon, P&G, Ogilvy & Mather, IBM, and many others.

Perry is also the “Go To” video expert for the top names in internet marketing such as Yanik Silver, Carrie Wilkerson, Barry Dunlop, Ryan Lee, Dean Hunt, and many others. Perry has taken the steps used by professionals and distilled them down to an easy to use formula that guarantees better videos, each and every time.

As a proud member of the Video Marketing Association and “Mr Video,” Perry has quickly become the definitive resource for helping business owners and marketers strategically leverage the power of video. For more information visit:

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Making Use of SEO Hosting Blog Posts for Rank Building

There are various forms of popularizing the money site of a webmaster and SEO Hosting Blog are one of the most coveted ones. Today people are addicted to blogs rather than swimming in the article sites, so featuring and promoting your site through blogs is really a very useful idea.

SEO Hosting Blog can definitely boost your SEO hosting campaign, as these are mostly searched by the visitors on the web. Even though posting articles have a certain hold on online marketing, blogs have their own place to promote and popularize the money sites online.

Blogging is the in thing in today’s online world, when each webmaster is trying hard to show up his money site on the web for every keyword entered in the search engine, so posting articles only is not going to solve the purpose.

· The webmaster can either post blogs on various blog sites promoting his website and the supporting sites as well, but blog posting on the home site is definitely a rank booster.

· When you post blogs regarding latest released products or upcoming line of services, these blogs take precedence over the old search results. It means that, when a new blog is posted in a website, and in case people search for the same search term on which the blog is based and then the blog is found on the top list as per the freshness of the blog.

· Take great care to make the blog suitable for the visitors, so that they can find it relevant and easy to understand. The blog must be precise and revolve around the targeted keyword, but never be stuffed with it; else it won’t be appealing for the reader. Understand clearly that how much is too much and stop when you think it’s enough. Never, let the visitor feel that you are advertising your product, make it simple and entertaining without exposing your intentions behind it.

· SEO hosting is a vast subject and you would get plenty of ways to promote the money site. You can even use blog farming and link building strategies like link wheels, utilizing Multiple Class C IPs and the domains hosted over them is certainly very effective for improving the link value.

· Improved link value propels the rank value to go up, this way the collective link value from all the supporting sites increases the overall rankings of the money site and help it get featured at the top of all leading SERPs across the globe.

SEO Hosting Blogs would take the competition to an all new level, as with each new blog posted the concerned site of a webmaster would climb up the search engine results, hence the webmaster would always be in a challenge to post latest and interesting blogs and keep their money sites’ PR at the top of all SERPs. is one of the premier portals on the World Wide Web which has been formulated with the intention of providing SEO Hosting Blog options for webmasters around the world who seek a way to ensure that their websites reach the top ranks of all major search engines. In this innovative technique of Virtual Private Server Hosting.

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You Can Now Email, Host, Or Post Sudoku Puzzles Online – Free!

From now on, you type host your Sudoku puzzles, or email them to your friend, or post in Forums. Or even participate in Sudoku Solving competitions, and email just the url of your solution. Absolutely free.

Have you ever tried to share a Sudoku with a friend through email, or through postings in forums/ groups/ discussion boards? If so, you’ll know what a pain it is. Everyday, millions of Sudoku enthusiasts the world over try to solve Sudoku puzzles. Thousands of them try to share their Sudokus, puzzles solutions, and even intermediate steps. And it’s such a pain.

Why is it a pain? Because you have to create your own text-based Table, or type in the numbers in Text form with dots/ dashes for the blank Cells? For example, something like,










How completely awkward and time consuming? Does this look like a Sudoku? It’s still worse for the readers. Can they try to solve it, as it is? They have to carefully copy your numbers on to paper or on to their Computer, using some template before making any sense of it! Well, you can now breathe easy!

A new ‘Free Sudoku Host’ website has been created which permits you to just pop in YOUR Sudoku puzzle, and then send it ANYWHERE you want through the net. The site is appropriately named ‘Free Sudoku, it lets you host your Sudoku puzzle for the whole world to see, if you want.

Just type in your Sudoku numbers in the appropriate Cells on a large Sudoku screen. Then hit the ‘Submit’ button. It’s that simple. The site will give you a URL that you can copy & paste into an email, or post in any discussion board. When the recipients click on this link, they’ll be taken to a page where they can see YOUR Sudoku puzzle, … just like you entered!!! (No more funky text tables and ASCii number jumbles).

And the best part is … the people to whom you send the puzzle can even try to SOLVE your Sudoku right on the web page they land on. And it’s absolutely free for them too!

The screen will permit them to make additions, deletions and changes to the empty cells, … but NOT the Cells you’ve already filled in. They can try to solve your puzzles ‘in situ’, on the screen.

From now on, you can even host your own Sudoku Challenges. Every day! Absolutely free! All you have to do is visit:

Harvey Intelm
‘Compulsive Sudoku Addict Beyond All Hope And Reason’

Harvey Intelm is a “Compulsive Sudoku Addict Beyond All Hope And Reason”. A retired Math teacher, he learnt to solve Sudokus from his 12-year old granddaughter. Now Harvey specializes in Sudokus and spends all his time creating his own “Sudoku Village”. Among his reasons for Sudoku addiction are: Keeping the brain cells active, warding off Alzheimers, stress relief, enjoying the challenge, competition and success, and intellectual satisfaction.

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How to Get Hosted Content Posted Free

Convincing other websites to host your articles is by far the greatest way to get inbound links on the web. Getting keyword-rich articles displayed on highly relevant sites with great PageRank will improve your rankings with Google and help build brand awareness. While many people pay for hosted content, there are ways to form these partnerships for free.

Steps to Finding Free Content Hosts

Step One: Create a database of relevant websites.

Search the Web for highly relevant sites with high page rank. Ideally, these sites should already have articles on display, which indicates that the owner is capable of posting content. Evaluate the site to ensure that it isn’t linking to “bad neighborhoods” or engaging in problematic practices. Then find the name and contact information for a real person on the site. Store all of this information in a database for future use.

Step Two: Email your database.

Compose a simple e-mail message explaining your proposition. Explain that you are willing to provide fresh, insightful content for their site in exchange for them leaving inbound links in the article intact. Offer to provide samples of your articles for them to review.

Step Three: Provide articles to content partners.

Make certain the articles have the appropriate keyword density and contain anchor text links back to your site. Select keyword rich titles that will grab the readers’ attention.

Step Four: Follow up and ensure that your links are intact.

Once you’ve submitted the content to the host site, follow up and make sure that they’ve held up their end of the deal. Your links should be in place and the article should be displayed in your agreed upon terms. If you notice any problems, notify the webmaster immediately.

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